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Protecting Clients’ Rights in Family Law Cases

Family law is one of the legal practice areas that most directly impacts the average person over the course of his or her life. While divorce is the most high-profile family law issue, there are several other situations where the law has a direct impact on the lives of Texas families.

At the Schneider Law Firm, P.C., in Fort Worth, family law is a major aspect of our practice, and we regularly represent clients in the family courts. Contact a Fort Worth divorce attorney to schedule a free consultation to discuss any of the following issues:

  • Divorce in Texas: Many of our clients are concerned about what is involved in the divorce process. We will guide you through each step toward your divorce.
  • Military divorce: We represent local military members, as well as those stationed out of state or overseas through the entire process of divorce.
  • Uncontested divorce: Find out more about uncontested divorce, in which couples enter into divorce proceedings agreeing on each divorce-related legal matter.
  • Divorce and children: The impact of divorce on children is a major concern, both for parents and for the Texas family courts.
  • Child custody: Addressing who gets how much time with the children and who makes important parenting decisions is a key family law issue.
  • Child support: Children have a right to fair support payments based on what their parents can actually afford to pay.
  • Fathers’ and mothers’ rights: Texas family law courts don’t distinguish between the mother and the father in matters involving children. Their goal is to make all decisions in the best interests of the child involved.
  • Post-decree modification: Child custody, child support, and alimony orders can be modified if the underlying circumstances have changed.
  • Divorce and property division: The division of community property can be one of the most confusing and complex aspects of the divorce process.
  • Divorce and family violence: Accusations of domestic violence can have a major impact on divorce cases, as well as other long-term consequences.

Many people are hesitant to bring family conflicts into the courtroom, and many divorce and family law cases can be resolved out of court. However, it is important to start every case with the assumption that you are going to need to be prepared to go to trial if necessary.

Attorneys Serving Arlington Families

Our attorneys are always prepared to take family law cases to court if that is the best way to protect our clients’ interests. At the same time, we understand that you do not want the legal process to add to your stress. We will take care of your legal needs so you can focus on living your life. Contact us today at 817-755-1852.