Probation and Parole


Facing a Probation Violation?

Probation is a common way for people who are charged with crimes to reduce or avoid jail time. People on probation must follow conditions and often must work closely with probation officers. If they break the rules of probation — or if their probation officer thinks they broke the rules — they may face a probation revocation hearing and the possibility of incarceration.

If you are facing a probation revocation, you won’t go automatically to jail or prison. At the Schneider Law Firm, P.C., you will find Fort Worth probation revocations attorneys who provide the same aggressive representation for probation revocations as for new criminal charges. You have rights while you are on probation and we are here to protect them.

Help for Your Probation Revocation

When we represent you on a probation revocation, we will find out your side of the story, examine your potential defenses, and will work with your probation officer, prosecutors and judges to seek a resolution for the alleged violation that works for you.

  • The proposed probation revocation may have been wrongly issued. If the allegations behind the proposed revocation are false, we will work to get them dropped so that you can move on with your life.
  • Sometimes your life circumstances may prevent you from following your conditions of probation. If you become ill and cannot complete community service, we will work to have your probation modified so that you can successfully complete probation.
  • If your violation is related to new criminal charges, we can represent you on both the probation revocation and the new charges.

If you are being held in jail before a probation revocation hearing, we can seek your release while we work to resolve your probation violation so that you may continue working, going to school, or taking care of your family.

Texas Probation Violation Attorneys

If you have received notice of a probation violation or probation revocation hearing, call our office today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated lawyer. Reach us at 817-755-1852 or contact us online.